Environmental remediation, though often initiated by the state of Texas/federal regulatory agencies, is an invaluable choice to improve the long-lasting value of your property and the health of your community. Since 1983, Hull’s Environmental Services has dedicated its efforts to rapidly respond to and provide remediation services for land and marine-based spills, chemical incidents, and more. With an expansive fleet of emergency response vehicles and cleanup equipment, we have responded to hundreds of incidents in Texas and beyond.

Our Odessa Environmental Remediation Strategies

Our environmental remediation services fall into the following broad categories, each of which has a full suite of technologies and methods that can be utilized according to the type and extent of the contamination.


To remove contaminants from the target site, excavation may be necessary to either treat and return the material or discard and replace it. The latter may be necessary depending on how heavily contaminated your site has become.

Soil Vapor Extraction

By injecting air/steam into the soil of the site, it’s possible to trap toxic vapors and extract them for careful removal.


Through the use of particular microorganisms or plant life, contaminants can be neutralized or fully removed from the targeted site. The process is completely natural, and even when the contaminants cannot be 100% removed, they will be converted into their harmless or far less hazardous constituent elements.

Chemical Blending

Certain chemicals, when blended with hazardous substances, can reduce the toxicity of the original substance. As a result, chemical reactions take place that produce a new, less toxic or non-toxic substance. This is useful if the contaminant cannot otherwise be removed or to make removal safer.

Groundwater Remediation

Groundwater can be remediated using either in-situ or ex-situ methods. They both utilize many of the same methods to remove pollutants, which can be done either on-site or after the removal of the polluted water if it can be better treated elsewhere.

Other Remediation strategies we offer:

Hull’s Environmental Services, Inc. has a broad range of remediation tools and methods at our disposal, along with the knowledge and methodology to know which to use and when. Some of the specific environmental remediation services we provide to Odessa, Texas, properties include:

  • Environmental Containment
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Facility Decontamination/Demolition
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Landfill Cell Cap & Construction
  • MGP Site Restoration
  • PCB Testing, Removal, & Remediation
  • Pond, Pit, and Lagoon Closure
  • Soil Solidification, Stabilization, and Mixing
  • UST/AST Tank Removal
  • Vacuum Excavation & Extraction
  • PFAS Remediation
  • PFOS Remediation
  • Brownfields Remediation
  • Contaminated Soil Excavation
  • Coal Combustion Byproduct (Fly Ash) Management
  • Dredging/Sediment Remediation

Benefits of Environmental Remediation

Because environmental remediation efforts are most often initiated and enforced by government-regulatory agencies, doing so can be a matter of urgency. However, even without a lawful order to remediate your contaminated Odessa site, there are numerous environmental, economic, and social benefits to choosing to do so, including:

  • Enhancing the quality of brownfield lands. Brownfield lands are those that are no longer in use because previous use resulted in contamination. With the right environmental remediation technique, however, it’s possible to bring them back to a safe, functional state and put the land back to productive use.
  • Improving human health. Pollution can be devastating to the health of humans and animals, especially when they are prevented from easily leaving the contaminated area. Removing or neutralizing these contaminants then becomes necessary to reduce illness and risk of injury – and it will pay dividends to your community’s reputation.
  • Boosting the local ecosystem. Improving the health of the land itself is a keystone that creates countless ripple effects such as cleaner groundwater, greater biodiversity, and even a bolstered local economy through reduced costs of governmental oversight (both in time and money).
  • Reducing material damage. Environmental remediation increases the lifespan of equipment, buildings, and utility infrastructure by removing caustic materials from the site’s environmental media.
  • Improving aesthetics. A remediated environment will look and smell better, boosting property value and improving employee morale.
  • Delivering continued support. The best environmental company in Texas will provide future support to evaluate and test the results of their work, as well as advise the best preventative care methods going forward.

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There is much more to environmental remediation than simply removing contaminants. At the same time, the wealth of modern innovations in remediation technology has made remediation services more affordable and effective than ever. We are Odessa’s remediation experts. If you’d like to discuss solutions for your remediation needs in Texas’ Odessa, contact Hull’s Environmental Services in Odessa, Texas today! We can be reached at 904-379-3465, or you can request a quote at your earliest convenience.