Manufacturers strive to reduce waste and eliminate costs by recycling and reusing processed residuals. Reducing waste helps manufacturers create more sustainable processes and save money to ensure continuous operations. At Hull’s Environmental Services, we fully support the manufacturing industry by providing a wide range of environmental services, including environmental remediation, waste management, and emergency response.  

Environmental Remediation for Manufacturing

Environmental remediation is fundamental to manufacturing and industrial sites. It includes a variety of solutions for soil, sediment, surface water, and groundwater remediation.

Environmental remediation services for the manufacturing industry include:

  • Excavation of the source area
  • Soil mixing
  • Dissolved-phase groundwater plume treatment
  • Free-product (DNAPL) removal
  • groundwater source area treatment
  • Hexavalent chromium metal remediation
  • Mixed plume treatment
  • Plume cut-off barriers

Industrial and manufacturing site contamination typically relates to solvents or chemicals used in industrial or manufacturing processes. Governments and regulatory bodies typically employ environmental remediation to improve the appearance and quality of a site, restore damaged environmental sites, or accommodate the health of wildlife and people in the area. We can also work to support the site after environmental remediation to ensure the quality of the environment is maintained.

Waste Management Services for Manufacturing

Highly competitive manufacturing companies rely on environmental suppliers to provide affordable waste management services while maintaining compliance with strict industry regulations. At Hull’s, we provide routine transportation and disposal of non-hazardous and hazardous waste streams from remediation projects, daily manufacturing operations, and clean-up activities. 

Hull’s Environmental Services supports manufacturers and industrial sites with disposal services for waste products listed under the universal waste, TSCA, and RCRA categories. The EPA strictly regulates RCRA waste, so proper management is crucial to any industrial site or manufacturer.

Hull’s Environmental Services has connections with a network of Treatment Storage Disposal Facilities (TSDF) throughout the United States. We provide classification, profiling, manifesting, packing, and transportation services to the client’s designated and qualified TSDF.

Emergency Response for Manufacturing

Spills and releases can cause damage to the environment around a facility and may quickly spread. Hull’s Environmental Services offers a variety of emergency response services for rapid response to critical situations. We offer the following emergency response services for manufacturers:

  • Liquid and solid vacuum trucks
  • Transformer spill response & cleanup
  • Tabletop exercises and spill drills
  • Product transfers
  • Post-natural disaster cleanup/clearing
  • High/low volume pumping capabilities
  • Fuel & water delivery
  • Confined space entry & rescue

Industrial Cleaning for Manufacturing

Industrial cleaning involves the process of cleaning tanks, vessels, equipment, surfaces, or containment areas at various manufacturing sites, including factories, power plants, chemical processing facilities, and more. At Hull’s, we utilize powerful vacuums, hydro blasting equipment, and more to offer a range of industrial cleaning services, including: 

  • Storage Tank Cleaning. Many types of manufacturing facilities store water and chemicals in underground or above-ground tanks. To ensure compliance with industry standards, these tanks must be regularly drained, inspected, and cleaned. Hull’s can assist in storage tank cleaning to prepare them for inspection, maintenance, repairs, and product changeouts. 
  • Decontamination. Facilities that manufacture pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other products containing chemicals often experience dangerous spills. To protect workers and ensure a safe working environment, it’s important to hire a professional industrial cleaning company to effectively remove spilled chemicals.
  • Plant shutdowns. Plant shutdowns are often required for cleaning or equipment maintenance. These shutdowns are typically needed once a year to ensure employee safety and overall operational efficiency.

Contact Hull’s Environmental Services

Many manufacturing and industrial companies rely on emergency response, waste management, environmental remediation, and other environmental services to ensure cost-effective and sustainable operations. At Hulls’ Environmental Services, we can provide these services while remaining compliant with strict industry regulations. We maintain a large fleet of emergency response vehicles and other equipment designed to remove hazardous and non-hazardous waste resulting from various manufacturing processes. 

With locations in Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Florida, we can provide services to manufacturing facilities throughout the southeast and the south-central United States. To learn more about how our wide range of environmental and waste management services can serve the manufacturing industry, contact us today.