Safety Message from the President

It starts at the very top.

The nature of the work that Hull’s routinely performs puts us in hazardous work environments, severe weather and remote locations –sometimes all these conditions simultaneously. For those reasons, it is paramount that safety be top of mind at the company level and at the individual level. It is the reason we not only embrace stop work authority – we promote it.​

I’m not just the president of the company; my name is on it and I believe the more we talk about safety and uphold our principles, the closer we get to our goal of zero employee injuries

David Hull
David Hull


Protecting our employees, our customers, our contractors and the public is and always will be Hull’s number one priority. Our commitment is to operate in a safe, ethical and responsible manner; to carefully adhere to policies and procedures designed to ensure the health and safety of our employees and those we serve.​


Every Hull’s employee is empowered and expected to exercise what we term “Stop Work Authority.” Stop Work Authority enables Hull’s employees to exercise their right to stop any work, at any time, under any circumstances, in order to protect their own safety or the safety of others when performing any work related task or job.

Zero Target

Zero accidents is our target and commitment. We believe that the prevention of all incidents and injuries is possible; each employee is responsible for their own safety and the reporting of unsafe conditions. Our managers and supervisors are committed to demonstrating a leadership role in promoting worker health and safety in all activities.​


Hull’s strives for an injury-free workplace, requiring 100% safe work practices and employee engagement. An integral part of these effort is to provide regular, in-depth training such as OSHA 40 hour HAZWOPER and 8 hour refresher training, confined space entry and rescue, first aid and CPR and any other job-specific curriculum, supported by internal standard operational procedures, work instructions, policies and personal protective equipment.