Hull’s Environmental Services was born in the oil fields of Oklahoma and West Texas over 35 years ago. Supporting drillers and explorers, Hull’s has a long history of providing construction, transportation and fluid logistics services where and when they’re needed. Our objective is to deliver excellence in the same way our customers do.

Supporting the Oil Industry For Decades

Hull’s Environmental Services provides fast, full offloading capabilities at company-owned waste disposal facilities and injection wells for a variety of waste-hauling vehicles, tanks and containers including but not limited to vacuum trucks, end dumps, dump trucks, barrels, drums, roll-off boxes and supersacks.

​Oil Field Services and Capabilities

Hull’s owns and maintains a fleet of vacuum trucks, roll off trucks and containers as well as bins, half rounds and portable bladders. All Hull’s personnel have the expertise and experience to employ innovative solutions on-site so our clients waste management needs are met efficiently, safely and cost-effectively. Hull’s specializes in the proper processing and final disposal of most non-hazardous liquid, semi-liquid and solid oilfield waste streams generated at the well head.


  • Direct sales including diesel and fresh water in all yards (Kingfisher OK; Lindsay, OK; Wilson, OK; Marietta, OK; Elk City, OK; Pawnee, TX; Odessa, TX)
  • General Labor including field mechanics and welders with fully equipped welding trucks
  • On-road or off-road fuel for mixing oil base mud on drilling rigs or for straight fuel (fully bonded)
  • Heavy equipment including bulldozers, medium and long stick excavators, backhoes, sky-tracks, medium stick cranes and forklifts
  • Transportation and storage including heavy haul trucks with up to 10-axle trailers; roustabout trucks and trailers; winch trucks; 7,000-gallon tankers; 130-bbl and 70-bbl vacuum trucks; 500-bbl frac tanks and 500-bbl oil base mud-storage mixing tanks; 15-yard bobtail end dump trucks; 20-yard end dump trucks; 20-yard belly dump trucks
  • Indoor, water-base mud mixing plant with 15,000-bbl manifold storage mixing tanks (Elk City, OK)
  • Custom built 15-acre, 30-person man camp (Pawnee, TX)
  • Statewide Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) permit for the recycle-reuse of oil-base and water-base mud waste
  • Commercial mud disposals (Kingfisher OK; Lindsay, OK; Wilson, OK; Marietta, OK)
  • Downhole OCC permitted flowback-salt water disposals (Wilson, OK; Marietta, OK; Lindsay OK)
  • Fully bonded with the OCC Oil and Gas Division’s Pollution and Abatement

​Waste Streams

  • Transportation Support
  • Oil and Water-Based Muds
  • Saltwater/Fracking water
  • Tank and Pit sludge
  • Acid, Frac & Specialty Tank Rental
  • Mud Disposal Services
  • Lost Circulation Units
  • 1/2 Pits, 120bbl

​​Dust Suppression, Soil Stabilization and Erosion Control

For oil exploration companies operating in high dust, high traffic environments, the environmental conditions can wreak havoc on vehicles and equipment. It can also affect the health and safety of employees. Airborne dust particles, erosion and leaching are all common occurrences with thousands of passes across the terrain by heavy equipment and vehicles. This constant activity continually churns airborne dust and debris.

Specially formulated chemicals applied to different types of terrain result in road stabilization, dust suppression, soil retention, a new prime coating, and erosion control. In most cases, airborne dust is reduced by 90% even after thousands of vehicle and equipment passes.



Low overall application rates mean minimal product is needed for maximum effectiveness
Saves Money

Saves Money

Fewer applications means a significant decrease in fuel costs, labor costs, and water usage


After thousands of vehicle passes, the unique chemical technology holds up under the stresses that other chemical compositions cannot withstand
Enviro Friendly

Enviro Friendly

Non-toxic to aquatic life and contains no VOCs, phosphates, APEs, carcinogens, mutagens, or other harmful compounds