Environmental remediation is the process of cleaning up polluted areas as well as safely removing and disposing of hazardous waste materials. Environmental remediation is often initiated by government bodies, as it helps restore the environment to its original condition. Our team in Tampa, FL has years of experience cleaning up contaminated sites, and we offer a range of remediation strategies designed to remove hazardous materials from various environments.

Our Tampa Bay Environmental Remediation Strategies

Hull’s Environmental Services, Inc. offers a wide array of remediation services to help restore the environment. These include:


Excavation removes contaminants from a specific site. Once removed, the contaminated materials can either be discarded and replaced, or they can be treated and returned to their original location. Typically, only heavily contaminated sites will involve complete disposal and replacement.

Soil Vapor Extraction

This remediation method involves injecting steam or air into the soil at a particular site. The vapors resulting from this process can then be extracted and treated to remove the contaminants.


Bioremediation is a process that uses microorganisms or specific plants to neutralize or remove contaminants in the contaminated area. Bioremediation is useful because it can either completely eliminate contaminants or change them to less hazardous or inert materials.

Chemical Blending

This remediation strategy involves introducing chemicals into the contaminated site that are specifically formulated to blend with the contaminants and neutralize them.

Groundwater Remediation

Groundwater remediation is broken into two categories: ex-situ and in-situ. While each category uses the same techniques to remove contaminants from groundwater, they do so in different locations. Ex-situ remediation removes contaminated groundwater and cleans it off-site, whereas in-situ remediations clean contaminated groundwater on-site.

Other remediation strategies we offer include:

  • PFOS Remediation
  • Brownfields Remediation
  • PFAS Remediation
  • Contaminated Soil Excavation
  • Environmental Containment
  • Dredging/Sediment Remediation
  • Coal Combustion Byproduct (Fly Ash) Management
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Facility Decontamination/Demolition
  • Landfill Cell Cap & Construction
  • PCB Testing, Removal, & Remediation
  • MGP Site Restoration
  • Pit, Pond, and Lagoon Closure
  • Soil Stabilization, Solidification, and Mixing
  • UST/AST Tank Removal
  • Vacuum Excavation & Extraction

Benefits of Environmental Remediation

As mentioned above, regulatory agencies and government bodies often initiate environmental remediation efforts. Aside from meeting these needs, investing in environmental remediation carries several benefits, including:

Enhancing the Quality of Previously Developed Land

Brownfield land is land that was used in the past but is no longer in use and may be contaminated and unsafe. Through environmental remediation, these locations can be restored to a state where they can be safely used again.

Improving Human Health

Contaminated areas can have a huge negative impact on human health. Neutralizing or removing pollutants through environmental remediation decreases the risk of human exposure to hazardous materials that could cause serious illnesses and injuries.

Boosting Ecosystems

Cleaning up and improving the quality of an environment benefits people, plants, and animals that live in the area.

Reducing Material Damage

Decreasing pollutant levels in groundwater and soil can lower any damage experienced by buildings, equipment, and other structures that come into contact with hazardous materials.

Improving Aesthetics

Environmental remediation not only improves the safety of an area but also makes the environment look and smell better.

Deliver Continuing Support

After a remediation project is completed, remediation providers can continue to provide testing, advice, and evaluation services to ensure the site remains safe for use.

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