To begin the construction of a new, state-of-theart, lined, dry, 100-acre landfill in support of continued site operations, a client in central Tennessee had to relocate six cemeteries from the existing property to other locations within the central Tennessee area. The cemeteries dated back as far as 200+ years.


To uphold both client and Wood PLC’s commitment to appreciation, respect and historical
significance while conducting the removal and re-interment process for potentially 170 grave sites across six locations.


In conjuction with archaeological and GIS specialists from Wood PLC, Hull’s was assigned the task of performing surgical excavations of individual grave sites. Using a highly skilled and experienced heavy equipment operator, ground cover and soil overburden was slowly and methodically removed for graves at each cemetery using a smooth bucket attached to a mini-track backhoe. For any excavations that went below four feet, sloping and benching was used to preserve the grave shaft integrity and comply with trenching and shoring regulations. One by one, grave site shafts/burials were verified, then very carefully uncovered by excavation with minimal disturbance. The process enabled Wood PLC personnel to then inventory, denote, survey, and finally hand excavate the coffins for relocation.


Successfully aided in relocating over 116 graves from six different cemeteries over the course of six months with All work was overseen by the State of Tennessee certified funeral directors to ensure compliance withstate laws and statutes.


Mini-track backhoe w/ smooth bucket attachment, trackhoe, skidsteer, heavy equipment operator, Level D PPE,personnel vehicles, spill kits, hand tools including shovels, rakes and brooms.

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