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New Industrial Vacuum Loader Goes Right To Work


Hull’s recently took possession of a brand new Guzzler CL. The Guzzler industrial vacuum loader is a bona-fide workhorse when it comes to wet/dry industrial cleaning applications. This machine is incredibly effective in industrial settings for recovering, containing, and carrying solids, dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries and sludges.

New Industrial Vacuum Loader

Being put right to work upon delivery, our new industrial vacuum loader was engaged in collecting and transporting wood chips from an industrial processing facility. Given the location of the wood chips, the versatility of the hose and boom extension made quick work of an otherwise cumbersome setting that would have required a more tedious, mechanical approach.

New Industrial Vacuum

The versatility and application of these machines is quite remarkable. With 18 cubic yards of load capacity, up to 5,250 CFM of air flow, baghouse filtration and a positive displacement blower, these units excel in industrial settings such as manufacturing plants and facilities as well as commercial settings like railroads, oil & gas and underground utilities.


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