Operating as a rural gas station from the 1940s until 2003, investigations by David Cohenour of C2S Environmental Service, Inc (C2S) revealed gasoline contaminated silty clay soil and shale under a former fuel island and under gasoline distribution lines located on the east side of the property adjacent to Highway 89.


Mechanical soil remediation with power and phones lines directly above the contaminated soil and Highway 89 located just 25 feet from the area of contamination presenting dangerous conditions for safely excavating and loading trucks with contaminated soil at the site.


A concrete barrier was installed along the work area of Highway 89 with signage north and south of the work site according to the ODOT issued permit. Hull’s proceeded to scrape the delineated area of approximately 75 cubic yards of uncontaminated over-burden soil and staged it onsite for eventual backfill, following the natural grade of the terrain until the excavator could safely travel and operate beneath the overhead lines. What followed was the excavation, loading and hauling of over 800 tons of gasoline contaminated soil destined for the SORD landfill located northeast of Ardmore, Oklahoma. Once the excavation was completed, Hull’s placed and compacted clean fill that met geotechnical specifications followed by ompaction testing to confirm compaction specifications were met. A final one-foot layer of clean topsoil was placed above the compacted fill soil. In closing, Hull’s removed the concrete highway barrier and signage, cleaned the site and demobilized.


The project was completed early, without incident, and Hull’s personnel, including equipment operators and truck drivers, were “very professional and expertly followed instructions as to where and how deep to dig. This further reduced the estimated amount of contaminated soil that needed to be excavated, loaded, and disposed”, according the David Cohenour, client and project manager.


John Deere 85G track excavator, John Deere 333G tracked skid steer, Caterpillar 320D Track Excavator, Semi and 10-wheel dump trucks, MOT