Vacuum trucks and tankers are the workhorses of the environmental services industry. With varying load capacities, product types, vacuum power, dumping capabilities and industry-specific modifications, their use is practical and effective for a variety of industries and applications. Vac truck services vary widely and are typically in high demand. Hull's maintains a fleet of vacuum trucks and tankers in Florida, Georgia, Texas and Oklahoma serving the southeast and south central United States.

We'll  Match Your Needs to the Right Industrial Vacuum Equipment

Hull's owns and operates a fleet of 3,000, 3,300 and 5,000 gallon vacuum trucks and vacuum tankers that are designed and built to remove and transport both hazardous and non-hazardous dry solids, wet product, liquids and sludge.


Typically used in a commercial or industrial setting, vacuum trucks can pump liquids from catch basins, septic tanks, oil spills, oil/water separator and other settings.


Our heavy duty vacuum tankers are designed to pump, hold and transfer liquids and sludges when a typical vacuum truck just doesn't provide enough capacity.


Industrial Vacuum Loaders tackle clean up and recovery of solids and dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries and thick sludge in remote or difficult conditions with ease. 

A Pragmatic and Effective Approach Using Vacuum Trucks and Tankers

Vacuum trucks and tankers are extremely efficient and effective at media removal with the proper type of truck or tanker matched to the specific application. Standard, liquid ring, air-movers and stainless steel are common types used to support industrial cleaning, emergency response, waste transportation and routine facility maintenance activities. They are used to remove a wide variety of materials from tanks, vessels, water treatment ponds, basins, sewers and drains.

Vacuum truck used to locate underground utilities while avoiding mechanical excavation methods
A vacuum excavator truck with a boom and extension assists in the cleaning of an industrial facility during maintenance activities
A vacuum excavation truck dumps a load of diesel contaminated ballast on site during a cleanup project
A vacuum truck is used to remove waste liquids from drums in an effort to consolidate the waste stream for disposal
A vacuum truck is used during an ecological project to vacuum remove nuisance hyacinth after a machine rakes and chops it
Utilization of a vacuum excavation truck to remove topsoil from an AST.
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Vacuum Excavation (Soft Dig) vs. Mechanical Excavation

Using a vacuum truck to safely expose subsurface utilities and other infrastructure is commonly referred to as vacuum excavation or soft dig technology. A much safer alternative to mechanical excavation using backhoes or trackhoes for instance, vacuum excavation relies on air movement (suction strength and velocity a major factor) to remove and transport dirt, rocks and other substrate. Railroads, utilities, environmental engineers and government often use vacuum excavation as a safer alternative to mechanical methods.


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